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Church Leadership and Staff

Nathan Lamb, Pastor

Pastor Nathan was born and raised in Iowa (Cherokee) and attended college at Northwestern College in Orange City, IA. He graduated from Union Theological Seminary in Richmond, VA  in 2005 and has gone on to serve churches in Florida, Iowa and Minnesota before coming to First Presbyterian Church in Manchester. His wife Jenn and two daughters are very active in the church each Sunday and may be mentioned in sermons from time to time! Pastor Nathan enjoys reading, playing games with his family and coaching High School Speech. He greatly appreciates the way the Presbyterian faith tradition calls all people to ministry and loves helping others find what gifts they might be called to share.








Roxanne Heinrichs, Administrative Assistant






April Fisher, Custodian

Lucia Hutchcroft, Organist







Ruth Hoekstra, Pianist

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Church Elders

Gary Carradus

Patty Griffin

Deb Peyton

Curt Feldt

Carol McWilliams

Ken Feeney

Josiah Polito

Kathy Rees

Pat Blakesley, Clerk of Session

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